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Important Corona Virus Update

We at Total Cinema Solutions understand that many of you are undergoing financial hardships as the exhibition industry has temporarily come to a virtual standstill.  While we agree that minimizing your expenses during this period is a prudent business decision, we want to caution you that simply powering down your projectors and going home may not be the best decision.  Projectors and servers have supercapacitors and rechargeable batteries that need to be powered up from time to time to prevent the unit from essentially bricking itself.  We are gathering technical documentation from the various manufacturers with their best recommendations for how to suspend your equipment’s use while minimizing the chance of damage or failure during the shutdown.  You will find that documentation in this knowledge base by searching the keyword COVID.

We understand that we are all in this situation together. To that end, we are opening up our support lines to callers at no charge during this crisis.  If you have questions about how to “mothball” your equipment or other service-related issues, please call us at (888)422-4778 or email  We will do our best to assist you through this storm.  We will pull through this together.


Kara Campanirio, President

Total Cinema Solutions

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