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We at Total Cinema Solutions LLC are firmly committed to the motion picture exhibition industry.  As a demonstration to that commitment, we have built and continue to expand, this Knowledge Base and Help Center.  It is available at no charge to our customers, potential future customers, technicians, vendors and yes, even our competition.  We believe that by keeping exhibition top notch, we will insure the future of this industry.

There are two levels of security to the public side of this knowledge base; public and registered users.  The public side contains very basic articles.  The registered user section contains articles that may require some skill, mechanical, electrical or IT knowledge.  In any case, we encourage all users to register.  There is no charge to register.

This section also includes a link to our support ticket system.  From this link you may open up a support ticket to our technical staff for assistance with a technical issue.  While the support ticketing system is open to the public, we reserve the right to limit or refuse support to anyone for any reason.  We do suggest that you register to use the support system as it will allow you to log in and view the history of your tickets as well as review the status of tickets for you currently in process.

Total Cinema Solutions LLC maintains a technical support department and NOC that is open 365 days per year.  It can be reached at
(888) Cine-Fix

And now a word from our lawyers...

All of the information contained in this knowledge base is provided as a public service with no promises or acceptance of responsibility.  It is to be used at your own risk.  We accept no liability for any injuries or damages that may result in the use of information contained herein.  In short, you are on your own.

We have worked hard to insure that any information contained here is accurate and useful.  We have tried, and continue to try to be cognizant of information that may be proprietary to a manufacturer or that a manufacturer may wish to not make public.  We have not revealed any proprietary passwords.  If you are a manufacturer and wish us to redact certain information, please contact Brian at

Your feedback, comments and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.


Kara Campanirio, President


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    • Welcome to the Total Cinema Solutions Community.

      Welcome to the Total Cinema Solutions community board.  We have set this board up as a means of exchanging ideas, thoughts and hints between exhibitors.  You may post an idea, ask for an idea, give a suggestion, suggest a work around or ask for a solution to a technical or operational issue. The plan is to maintain this board very lightly moderated to keep it as open as possible, the hope and idea being to present a forum positive to the industry.  What will be moderated a personal attacks against
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    • GDC SX-xxxx server showing X at the top of the screen.

      On a GDC SX or SA series server (SX-2000, SX-2100, SX-3000, SX-4000) the information button (i) is replaced with an X.  This is a warning recently implemented in a software upgrade and generally means that the battery (batteries) in the media block ...
    • Christie IMB - Introduction

      Here's a video introduction to the Christie Digital Cinema integrated media block. ​
    • Public NTP Time Servers

      Here are some time servers that can be used for the master clocks in servers/IMB's: Google: While the actual URL for the Google public NTP servers is, most servers can't handle a canonical domain name (ie., the actual ...
    • Lamp Installation Christie Digital digital cinema projector (Osram)

      This video, provided by Osram, describes the lamp alignment procedure on Christie series 2  digital cinema projectors. Lamp Installation in Christie Digital (Osram) FYI - Osram lamps are available through Total Cinema Solutions. ​
    • Turning projector ON from STANDBY turns on lamp.

      This is a common problem with NEC Series II projectors.  The problem occurs when the projector has been shutdown with the lamp on or in lamp cooling mode.  If the projector is placed into STANDBY mode before the lamp shutdown cycle completes, the ...