NEC Projector 2010 Incorrect power-off Error

2010 Incorrect power-off Error

The 2010 incorrect power-off error is an error code that presents in some late Series 2 as well as NEC laser projectors.  Quite simply put, this error presents when the projector did not go through a proper power off sequence, such as a power failure or by turning off the main power switch without doing a front panel shutdown.  It is the projector's way of saying that if you continue to do this regularly, you may damage the projector.

To clear this message, execute a proper shutdown of the projector:
  1. Shutdown the server user the server manufacturer's recommended procedure.
  2. Turn off the projector from the control panel PJ power switch

  3. Turn off the projector master switch.  On smaller projectors this may be located on the back of the projector on the opposite side from the control panel.  On larger projectors this may be on the operating side of the projector.
  4. Leave the projector off for about 30 seconds.
  5. Turn on the master power switch.  Wait for STANDBY to appear on the LCD panel.
  6. Turn on the projector's PJ power switch.

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