Christie IMB S2 Menu Missing Options

Christie IMB S2 Menu Missing Options

When logged into the TPC (touch panel control) with advanced credentials (ADMIN or SERVICE) as opposed to USER level authorization, the menu only presents the USER level menu options.

Normal Christie IMB options when logged in as ADMIN or SERVICE

Deprecated Menu (as noted above)

This seems to be an issue where the TPC is allowing the advanced login but the message isn't being transmitted to the IMB server.  In the cases that we've seen, this appears to be a random event that may happen from time to time but without any regularity.

The easiest, and so far most successful fix, for this problem, appears to be to toggle the login to USER and then back to the advanced (ADMIN or SERVICE) login.  This may need to be done twice.  If this fails, a system reboot would be the next step in resolution.

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