Critical Updates to Dolby/Doremi Servers

Critical Updates to Dolby Servers

This document addresses important deadlines and updates that are required for continued operation of Dolby servers. <- This link brings you to the original Dolby document.  It is paraphrased below:

Issue 1

These cinema servers have code that prevents playback when the date is January 1, 2024 or later. The Security Manager needs to be updated to a new version that does not have the 2024+ restriction. Failure to upgrade the Security Manager will result in no possible playback once the UTC date on the server is 2024.  Units can be upgraded to the new SM after reaching 2024 to restore operation but shows will be missed.

Issue 2

The secure identity (certificates) for the cinema servers will expire unless they are EXTENDED.  This is done with a new Security Manager, Software, and a Certificate Update package that must be applied. Certificates will be extended into January 2038. Failure to extend the certificates will result in permanent failure. The media block cannot be restored to operation, so the extension of the certificates is critical.

Issue 3

IMS3000 will cease to operate correctly on January 1, 2026 unless updated to 3.5.14 (or later) software bundle, which will be released to prevent this issue. Failure to apply the bundle before the deadline can result in missed shows. Units can be upgraded to the new bundle after reaching 2026 to restore operation.


Once you upgrade to the newest version to address these problems, you should NOT downgrade. Downgrading will re-introduce the issues noted above. It is recommended that you complete all the steps at the same time so that you do not have issues with either deadline.  The same Software & Security Manager versions are used to address Deadline 1 and 2.

Additional Note for Certification Extension

As part of certificate extension, Dolby released new certificates for affected servers with the new expiration date in January 2038. Dolby has talked with many distributors to advise them of this change. In nearly all cases, KDM/keys they make with these new certificates will work on servers before and after you complete the update. If you have SM/LD dual projection systems, contact your distributor or Dolby as there may be some extra steps needed. Dual projection CHASE systems do not need extra steps.

For questions about this, please contact Dolby Cinema Solutions and Support at:

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