GDC TMS displaying incorrect schedule time after DST time change

GDC TMS displaying incorrect schedule time after DST time change

There is a known issue with GDC TMS systems that will cause them to display the incorrect time on the scheduler tab  the days of the biannual time change.  The actual computer clock in the system tray will show the correct time but the scheduler clock will show either an hour earlier or later, depending on the time change.

This is a known glitch in the GDC software.  While the tab displays the correct time, the shows should start at the appropriate time.  The scheduler display in the TMS system will correct itself in 24 hours.

As a matter of explanation, when you schedule a show through the TMS, the schedule is sent to the screen server.  The screen server starts the show based on the screen server's clock.  All modern screen servers should be aware of the date and time change.

There is no user intervention required.
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