Picture flickering slowly on screen (Christie IMB)

Picture flickering slowly on screen (Christie IMB)

A complaint was received that the picture was flickering on the screen, much like a film projector running slowly.  The image did not jump abruptly between frames but rather appeared as a smooth, albeit slow, continuous motion.

A review of the IMB interrogator log shows buffer underruns.

The cause of this issue is that the server is consuming the incoming program content faster than the storage system (NAS) can supply.  Normally the NAS "reads ahead" of what is being shown and buffers it in the IMB.  In this case the NAS is not keeping up and the server (IMB) is blanking while waiting on the content.

This particular problem can most often be resolved by rebooting the entire projection system including the projector, IMB, NAS and network switch.  Once this test is done logging into MENU ->Christie IMB -> System -> Storage then double clicking on the NAS.

This will bring up the EDIT STORAGE DEVICE page

Click on TEST PERFORMANCE and load a trailer for testing.  Click on START TEST and wait for/watch for result.

The content transfer rate may vary slightly during the test.  If the content drops below GOOD on the graph further investigation into the NAS is indicated.

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