Christie Recommended actions while your theatre operations are temporarily suspended

Christie - Temporary Suspension of your theatre Recommendations

The following recommendations have been provided by Christie for preparing and maintaining your projection booth for an extended shutdown.

While theatres are currently suspended from operation, there are a few recommendations we suggest you take to ensure your projectors are fully operational when cinemas reopen to entertain moviegoers once again.


For Christie Series-1 projectors CP2000 i/-H/-S/-SB/-X/-XB:

-          Power up every 7 days for ‘ON’ duration of 3 hours

For Christie Series-1 projectors: CP2000-ZX, CP2000-M:

-          Power up every 3 days for ‘ON’ duration of 3 hours 

For all Christie Series-2 projectors without IMB-S2 (CP2215, CP2220, CP2230, CP4220, CP4230, CP42LH):


-          Power up every 7 days for ‘ON’ duration of 3 hours

-          Ensures LD (Link Decrypter) and 3rd party IMB* stays fully charged

-          See tech bulletin(s) for ICP, PIB, and TPC battery replacement procedures

o   *If using 3rd party IMB, use recommended manufacturer guidelines if available


For all Christie Series-2 projectors with IMB-S2 (SolariaOne, SolariaOne+, any projector with IMB-S2):

-          Power up every 3 days for ‘ON’ duration of 3 hours

-          See tech bulletin for IMB-S2 Security FIPS Tamper Management

-          See tech bulletin(s) for ICP, PIB, and TPC battery replacement procedures

-          When powering down a projector, the security ring and service door MUST both be closed.

Leaving these open will drain the IMB battery



For all Christie Series-3 projectors with or without the IMB-S3 (CineLife Series: CP2308, CP2315-RGB, CP2320-RGB, CP4315-RGB, CP4320-RGB, CP4330-RGB):

-          Power up every 7 days for ‘ON’ duration of 3 hours

o   If using 3rd party IMB, follow manufacturer guidelines if available


For all Christie Series-4 projectors (CineLife+ Series: CP4440-RGB, CP4450-RGB):

-          -Power up every 7 days for ‘ON’ duration of 3 hours, based on IMB installed

o   If using 3rd party IMB, follow manufacturer guidelines if available


General Maintenance on Christie projectors


During this downtime, we would also suggest the below actions for consideration.


·         Weekly “walkaround” inspection of projection equipment. Check for projector coolant leaks, air

filter quality, and general environment of the projector

·         Leave onsite network routers and main switches powered on if possible

·         Update the projector and IMBs with the latest software / firmware release


·         The below is the latest releases:

Series 1 CP2000-S, CP2000-SB, CP2000-X, CP2000-XB

§  Touch Panel software: TPC Suite V2.9d

§  TI Main software: V15.1.52

o   Series 1 CP2000-ZX, CP2000-M

§  Main software: V3.1.0

§  TI Main software: V15.1.52

IMB-S2: 1.8.7 (19)

o   Solaria Series: 4.8.1 (3)

o   CineLife Series: 2.4.1-12

o   CineLife+ Series: 1.1.1-27

Note: Christie NOC connected customers may contact the NOC for these updates to be performed remotely while the projector is powered up.

·         Inspect and replace fans and filters as needed so projectors continue to run optimally

·         Solaria Series-2 projectors: Keep the projector in standby mode when leaving the site unattended for long periods of time to prolong the battery life of the PIB and ICP


Additional guidance for Managed Services customers with Series 1 equipment (Non-Christie):


Auxiliary equipment:


Doremi / Dolby Servers: Keep powered on if possible. There is a risk of Dolphin Board / Secure Board failure, which results in time drift and would require Dolphin Board / Secure Board replacement. Power down is discouraged.


GDC Servers: The shelf life for the SA-2100 and SX-2000A is 5 years, so if they have never been swapped an extended power down could cause low batteries to fail. For the SX-3000 and SX-2000AR servers, the shelf life is every 3 years.


Audio racks: Keep powered on if possible. Older amplifiers have high failure rates when powered down after years of continuous operation. Power down is discouraged.


Uninterrupted power supply (UPS): Keep powered on if possible. If power supply is being cut at the breaker, make sure the unit is completely shut down otherwise the batteries will die and may not power back up.


LMS server racks: Keep powered on if possible. There is a risk of NTP time loss which will affect players and playback. Additionally, if there is an issue with the projection equipment, we will not be able to support the site remotely.


Note: In addition to the recommendations above, please understand that there is a risk of general failure from the equipment power down and power up process. It is suggested that any equipment be kept powered up where possible.



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